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"Empower your inner financial warrior with the strength of the moon, and watch as your investments shine brighter than the night sky." - Seilor Moon


Seilormoon ($SEILOR), a captivating blend of Michael Saylor's wisdom and Sailor Moon's strength, isn't just a cryptocurrency; it's your cosmic partner for financial empowerment.

  • 🚀 Inspired by Michael Saylor's visionary insights and amibitions, Seilor Coin embarks on a mission to redefine SEI's potential and become the number one on SEI.
  • 💫 Like Sailor Moon, we champion justice and unity, illuminating the path to financial liberation.
  • 🌙 Whenever MicroStrategy invests in Bitcoin, Seilor Coin buys back, and when Michael Saylor tweets, $SEILOR tokens are forever burned.


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Remaining token supply will be periodically burned and used for buybacks.

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